Author: Shana Burres

Is God Angry with you?

“How can you trust a God who is just waiting to punish you?” A fair question and honest fear.  What is the point of believing in a god who spends their time handing down rules so that they can pronounce judgement? We’ve all seen the placards and heard the edicts from preachers, “This day will […]

Fear & Brokeness

“How many times do I have to raise my hand before I’m sure I’m a Christian?” So many alter calls, so many times told that maybe something happened that week to disrupt grace or hope or salvation. At conventions, camps, and revival services, there was an equal number of edicts about impending hell or being […]

Are you broken?

“How can you hold a belief that people are these wrecked, broken things just waiting for a savior?” He asked the question honestly but with passion. There was no argument that people aren’t terrible sometimes but it seems most people try to be good or, at least, do good.  The whole of humanity can’t really […]

What is faith?

“What if I don’t have enough faith?” With her head down and eyes brimming, she took a deep breath and almost whispered the question. It was loaded with the unspoken weight of other people’s expectations, personal fear, and a real sense that her current faith was insufficient for today’s struggles. The honest answer was, “you […]

Is the Bible true?

“Well, then how do I know what’s true and what’s not!? Why would God give us a book we can’t understand!?” He all but threw the questions out in sheer frustration. The book may be less than clear sometimes but his feelings were obvious and understandable. Having been raised in the church with all the […]